MindReader and learning

The specialists of the International center for education "Areopagit" (www.areopagit.com) develop the "convincing" to learn program. This program is designed on the base of the research of Dr. Igor Smirnov “Semantic Stimuli Response Measurements Technology”, or SSRM Tek, a software-based mind reader that supposedly tests a subject's involuntary response to subliminal messages.

The program inspires to recipient an idea about need to learn, think and develop their own abilities. If to unite this program with a network self spreading module (like a virus) then during several months it would install on hundreds of thousands of personal computers around the world. Besides, program can define the language of the user and use suitable - an English, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian or Arabic.

a study of American culture

Hallo, I'm new to this community.
I'm a Russian who studies American culture.
I'm working on my postgrad thesis in lingvoculturology/linguistc anthropology and I'm asking you for help.

IF YOU ARE FROM THE USA AND YOU ARE A NATIVE SPEAKER, please help me (it's terribly difficult to find an American here in Russia and make him/her answer the
questions :))).

Could you give a detailed example – like a scene from a movie, a book or from life - of a situation when a person is having fun? Give your AGE, please.

Fluffy Vulcan

Is there a Corporate Maven in the House?

Hi, new member! Just joined up to ask this:

I'm writing a Batman fanfiction and I'm trying to get my facts straight. To give a little background, the fic is a sequel.

In part one, I contrived a scenario in which Batman was arrested, unmasked, suffered a breakdown, and was packed off to Arkham.

Now, in part two, I'm getting him out but I'm trying to think of ramifications for Wayne Enterprises. A few years back, there was a Batman mini in which Bruce's board of directors wanted him to resign. When Bruce didn't agree, the CEO said "Don't make us bring a no confidence motion before the shareholders."

Now, while I understand what a no confidence vote means in a parliamentary system (I live in Canada), what does this mean for a corporation? I've been googling, and I did read a few articles about Michael Eisner's ousting from Disney. Informative. But there's one extra detail, here: Bruce Wayne is the majority shareholder of Wayne Enterprises in addition to being the Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer. What would the ramifications of a no confidence vote be in his case? Just public humiliation? Or could any further action be taken by the board and/or shareholders?

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what would you like...?

Hi, I'm doing research on what kinds of life stories/biographies people would like to read and I would love to get any feedback you would like to share. Please feel free to interpret these questions as creatively as you like. The main focus is to explore the question: If you could read any biography, what would it be like? The following questions will help you think about this focus from different points of view. This would be so helpful and I thank you in advance.

1. If you could read any book about a person's life, what would it be? Who would this person be? What demographic would he or she be from? Would he or she be a public or private figure?

2. What sort of scenes would you like to see? Would you like to read about someone who deals with challenges in a specific profession, someone who travels to unusual lands, explores intellectual issues, something else? Would you like to see this person overcome something? would you like to see this person as vulnerable, powerful, smart, funny? what values would you like this person to have?

3. What would you like to know about the subject's surroundings, both in terms of people and physical place?

4. What would you like to feel during the book and by the end of the book? Would you like to feel as though you have journeyed, transcended something, gained insight, or something else? What would you like to be a part of your own experience of the book?

Thanks so much!